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We are in the beginning stages of the Swifts Beach rehab 1600 feet of AC 8" gravity main. Will update as we go. We are starting our air quality testing program this week. Tech Environmental will be on site Wednesday. We are also starting the hydrogen sulfide testing program at our pump stations to begin a treatment program for odors and corrosion. November 3, 2016 we will clean front basin, bleach and leave off line. We have put cleaned back basin on line. Within the next two weeks we will empty the Aeration basin for rehabilitation.


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It seems that there is no such a person who does not like music at all. As for me, I cannot imagine even a day without it. I always listen to music at home, while driving a car, having a bath, or cooking. Besides, my laptop is constantly playing songs in my room. Among various genres of music, I prefer reggae. My birthday is coming in a few days, and I really want to see a concert of Rebelution, my favorite band that is going to be in our city on that day. I have been thinking about this event for many weeks. Therefore, my best friend Jessica has decided to surprise me with the tickets on my special occasion. Finally, the big day has come. As usually, getting ready for my classes, I get into the car and drive to the high school. I am opening the trunk to put my bag there and staying in amazement for a while. There are presents and greetings for my birthday! Firstly, I will examine the gift package. A wonderful handmade card is waiting for me. It is full of bright colors and the warmest words written by Jessica. While opening a gift box, I am supposed to see there something funny and a bit crazy from my friend. However, I have found a nice brand jumper that I saw a couple of days before in a boutique, but could not afford to buy it. At that moment, my mobile phone is ringing. It is Jessica and her “Happy Birthday” song. She rapidly adds that she will be waiting for me in that new jumper after the classes at our favorite caf? to celebrate. I am so pleased to have such a good friend with her nice surprise and gifts. On the other hand, I have come to realize that I will finish my studies at about 5 p.m. and because of the birthday party, I may miss the concert of Rebelution. Thus, my dream will not come true. While driving to the cafe I am trying to find the way to attend the performance under any circumstances. However, multiple phone calls with greetings from my relatives, friends, and comrades do not allow me to concentrate on the idea. When I enter the caf?, another surprise is waiting for me. Except for Jessica, there are also my close mates, namely Julia, Sandra, and Monica. We decide to order our favorite cocktails and some snacks. Having opened the menu to choose something delicious, I notice a new meal with an unusual name. It is “A snack of a dream.” The waiter brings me a nice plate with a lid on it. Now I cannot think about any other surprise. I am so amused since there is a ticket for the concert I aspired to attend for so long! In about two hours, I am going to enjoy the performance of the lifetime. However, at the present moment we are spending the hours that is still left in a joyous atmosphere. When it is almost high time for us to move to the expected event, we are heading for the concert hall. It is full of fans who are looking forward to hearing and seeing Rebelution. So are we! The reggae band is playing their hits as well as new songs. I am enjoying every minute of being here. In the end, we will also make a picture with the musicians and get their autographs. Thus, it is the best birthday I have ever had as well as the greatest surprise from my friends. I love them so much and I am happy for having these people in my life. Moreover, I have realized that our dreams come true when we believe in them.

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There are three conventional methods for steel building structure connection: A. Steel Building Structure connection-Welding; B. Steel Building Structure connection-Bolting; C. Steel Building Structure Connection-Rivet.

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The warehouse is a building for storing items in the planned space. A flexible warehouse design can manage the entry and exit of goods more effectively and improve the economic efficiency of the warehouse building.

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Steel warehouse building designed by Havit Steel provides customers with ideal inventory storage and cargo management solution. The prefab steel warehouse is custom designed to meet any industrial or commercial storage needs. The warehouse building can support any crane with a different lifting capacity. Accommodate or add mezzanines to the second floor or in corporate offices into the building structure.

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Havit Steel designed and produced 6-story high-rise steel structure buildings in Panama. The entire building constructed with metal structures, steel columns, floor beams, and roof beams all uses H-shaped steel. The wall and roof panel use Polyurethane(PU) sandwich panels. It is 64 meters long, 16.4 meters wide, and 28 meters high.

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