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Fox News (officially Fox News Channel, abbreviated FNC and commonly known as Fox) is an American pay television conservative[2][3] cable television news channel. It is owned by Fox News Media, which itself is owned by the Fox Corporation. The channel broadcasts primarily from studios at 1211 Avenue of the Americas in New York City. Fox News provides service to 86 countries and overseas territories worldwide,[4] with international broadcasts featuring Fox Extra segments during ad breaks.

The channel was created by Australian-American media mogul Rupert Murdoch to appeal to a conservative audience, hiring former Republican media consultant and CNBC executive Roger Ailes as its founding CEO.[5][6] It launched on October 7, 1996, to 17 million cable subscribers.[7] Fox News grew during the late 1990s and 2000s to become the dominant subscription news network in the U.S.[8] As of September 2018, approximately 87,118,000 U.S. households (90.8% of television subscribers) received Fox News.[9] In 2019, Fox News was the top-rated cable network, averaging 2.5 million viewers.[10][11][12] Murdoch is the current executive chairman and Suzanne Scott is the CEO.[13][14]

Fox News has been described as practicing biased reporting in favor of the Republican Party, the George W. Bush and Donald Trump administrations, and conservative causes while portraying the Democratic Party in a negative light.[15][16][17][18] Critics have cited the channel as detrimental to the integrity of news overall.[19][20] Fox News employees have said that news reporting operates independently of its opinion and commentary programming, and have denied bias in news reporting, while former employees have said that Fox ordered them to "slant the news in favor of conservatives".[21] During Trump's presidency, observers have noted a pronounced tendency of the Fox News Channel to serve as a "mouthpiece" for the administration, providing "propaganda" and a "feedback loop" for Trump, with one presidential scholar stating, "It's the closest we’ve come to having state TV.

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