If you are planning your first baby or even a qualified mother who will have a 3rd or maybe a 4th baby, you already know about stretch marks. This is really one of the negative effects of pregnancy, although I generally accept everything.

In addition to your weight before and during pregnancy, the severity of stretch marks can be affected by many aspects. Your age has some of the inherited genes and the number of children you are going to give birth to. Fortunately, learning some basic maternity massage Greenwich techniques can help you significantly reduce the number of stretch marks.

To reduce the occurrence of stretch marks, you should think about it during pregnancy. Giving a light massage with therapy helps the skin to stretch and return easily from the beginning of the mother's life. If you also have natural skin oils or other skin lotions during massage therapy, this increases the flexibility of the skin and becomes much more flexible. This one thing will certainly help with your stretch marks.

The nice thing about maternity massage Greenwich to get rid of stretch marks is that you can also involve your partner. You can have it massage the abdomen and lower back as this area is mainly affected by the distention and scars you get during pregnancy.

It is a wise decision to include maternity massage Greenwich in your daily program to achieve ideal results. In addition to keeping the skin moist and smooth, your attendant can also come into contact with your child before giving birth. It is often noted that every newborn baby identifies his father by rubbing his mother's belly and also speaking during pregnancy.

Try to maintain a massage treatment regimen even after childbirth and actual contractions as this will keep removing stretch marks. And therapeutic massage can be the perfect thing to help you relax after stressful days and even nights you may feel after a newborn is born.

However, it is important to note that maternal massage therapy is slightly different from normal therapeutic massage. You will not be able to rest in many positions and there are usually areas of your body that should not be too tired. Learning some maternity massage Greenwich techniques can be beneficial for you and your baby.

Remember that at some point you may feel uncomfortable with the therapeutic massage or something may not work. You should stop immediately and talk to your doctor to ensure that you do not find obvious errors.

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