Improved life-spans, shifting demographics and shrinking families has led to a large number of seniors who are susceptible to loneliness and lack of care, especially in the developed nations. In the developing nations conventionally the family members were the primary caregivers. Today, this is observed to be rapidly changing, creating a huge proposition of senior healthcare. Irrespective of the cultural differences specific to particular countries and socio-economic layers, elder care or elderly care is now one of the key priorities for governments and welfare associations across the world. In the US, assisted living is gaining wide popularity to provide senior care for elders who cannot live independently or want assistance owing to medical conditions. In other countries as well, seniors are relying on government provisions for better healthcare and living. And this is exactly why the importance of technology in healthcare is more crucial than ever. Technology is offloading senior care concerns and it is preferred to extend reliable, efficient and affordable senior healthcare. The world of IoT and connected devices has streamlined senior care, let’s see how:

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