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Hi i am shubham and i am professional photographer.

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Le marché du travail est en plein bouleversement au travers le monde entier, à cause de la crise sanitaire que nous vivons. L'innovation et au rendez-vous pour la reprise de l'économie mondiale.

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Types Of Pregnancy Tests? Basically there are 2 types of Pregnancy tests. The one is doe with the help of Blood and the other is done with the help of Urine. In both the tests hCG is determined to analyse the pregnancy.

Types of Pregnancy Test Kit? There are 2 types pf pregnancy tests kits available in the market.

Strip Pregnancy Test Kit, Cup Pregnancy Test Kit. How Does A Pregnancy Test Kit Works | Pregnancy Test Kit Usage? A pregnancy test kit functions by finding a unique hormone hCG, that is produced by the placenta. "hCG" is also called Pregnancy hormone. Once the amount of Pregnancy hormone reaches a certain level in the urine, the test will come positive.

When to go for a Pregnancy Test? Whenever you have missed a period while planning a baby, this is time you will go for this test. Also when you hand an intercourse without the protection you must go for this test.

Is any prescription needed to buy a pregnancy test kit ? The answer is No. You do not need any valid prescription to purchase. Also you can freely buy it online.

How Accurate Are Pregnancy Test Kits Results ? All the home pregnancy tests are conducted on the basis of the detection of hCG levels in the urine.

Within the limits of 3 to 5 minutes the test results can be seen on the strip.

The only thing which will hinder the results are if you have tested so early in your pregnancy, when the hCG levels are very low.

What is The Most Accurate Time for a Pregnancy Test ? It is the early morning. This is because first morning urine will yield the highest number of the hCG also known as “pregnancy hormone”.

How To Use Pregnancy Test Kit ? Pregnancy Test Kits

Well every pregnancy test kits comes with a separate manual to carry out the test. So after the purchase of the same you should find out in the kit attached. Also many a times you will find out at the back of the box.

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