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We are in the beginning stages of the Swifts Beach rehab 1600 feet of AC 8" gravity main. Will update as we go. We are starting our air quality testing program this week. Tech Environmental will be on site Wednesday. We are also starting the hydrogen sulfide testing program at our pump stations to begin a treatment program for odors and corrosion. November 3, 2016 we will clean front basin, bleach and leave off line. We have put cleaned back basin on line. Within the next two weeks we will empty the Aeration basin for rehabilitation.

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I am very unclear on where the town is going with the sewer billing. I understand that there are several options available, and I would like to see discussion of these options put onto the sewer commissioners' agenda for the next meeting. Hopefully that meeting is not Thursday, August 18, because I would be unable to attend. If there is a meeting on August 25, that would be outstanding!