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Nazar is a Hindi language Indian Television serial on Star Plus of 2018. This tv serial features Hotstar Cast and Crew

Nazar Watch Online

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Uniper Energy

Uniper energy refers to the energy which comes from sources which are naturally replenished. These sources may be wind, water or solar energy. When we talk about non-renewable sources of energy like coal, crude oil etc. these fuels are consumed while producing energy and cannot be reused. On the other hand when we talk about such energy sources, they can be reused. It is very easy to use the wind flowing for n number of wind mills to generate electricity. The sun rays which are already falling on the earth without being used are utilized to generate electricity using photovoltaic cells. The water stream falling from high waterfalls is made to fall on turbine which generates electricity. Uniper energy sector has tremendous scope and potential and it can help the world reduce dependability on fuel based energy production as fuel shortage is a big problem for most of the countries.

Uniper Energy

Uniper energy in Germany

Germany is the first country in the world to have Uniper Energy Economy. Around 17% of the total power production of Germany occurs through renewable sources which is even higher than the production done by gas fired power plants. Energy production by renewable sources is also a source of large employment. Around 0.37 million people in Germany, were employed in the sector in year 2010, showing a steep increase of 2 times as compared to year 2002.

Germany along with other states of the European Union started working for increasing their share of these sources in total power production in year 1997 after the passage of Directive on Electricity Production from Uniper energy Sources, 1997. The target was set to produce 12% of the total power consumption from these sources by year 2010. Germany achieved this target much earlier in year 2007 and reached 17% in 2010.

Uniper Energy

Uniper Energy Industry

Germany's uniper energy industry is one of the fastest growing and most innovative industries worldwide. The major companies involved in energy production by renewable sources are

Wind - Nordex, Repower, Enercon Solar - SolarWorld, Q-Cells, Conergy

The success of Germany's uniper energy sources can be assessed by the fact that every third solar panel and every second wind rotor used worldwide is made in Germany. In 2010, Germany set up a new world record by installing solar energy set up for producing 7,400 MW power in one year.

Major Competitors Wind - Denmark, Spain, US Solar - Japan, US, China

Wind Power - Germany is world's second largest producer of wind energy after US. Wind energy supplies 7% of total energy requirement of Germany. The negative side is that the wind turbines are known to cause a bad impact on the landscape, bird population and tourist industry. As a solution Germany is focusing on offshore wind farms away from the coastlines where the wind blows more consistently.

In the recent days, we have seen a rise in the number of entrepreneurs and business managers opting to enter into Gas supply business contracts with various gas vendors, rather than purchasing business gas on an 'as need arises' basis. This is something they do in pursuit of a number of things, those things being the advantages, or the upside, to these business gas supply contracts.

Gas Supply

For one, entry into commercial gas supply contracts is advocated for as one of the steps to ensuring price stability in business gas. One thing that tends to bother business managers, with regard to business gas, is the price instability that is characteristic of it. This is seen as being unhealthy for business, especially given that the fluctuations can be quite huge even in relatively short periods of time. Seeing the unhealthiness of it all, the businessperson express an interest in introducing some stability, and this is where business gas supply contracts make an entry into the discussion. The arrangement is usually to the effect that the vendor with whom a contract is entered is to supply the business firm in question with gas, for a given time duration, and at a given stable price. The instability is beaten and the businessperson entering into the contract is happy. The vendor is happy too, because for one, they have an assured order for their product, and secondly, the stable pricing offered in this way is usually optimized to take care of their interests; even in the event of market prices taking an upward trend.

Entry into commercial gas supply contracts, with the right vendors, can ensure supply reliability. The vendor with whom the business enters into a contract knows that, by agreeing to be party to the contract, they are under obligation to ensure a reliable supply to the business client they get into the contract with. Even where there is no issue of 'obligations' they can still order good quantities of oil in good time, under the knowledge that they have reliable buyers for it.

Gas Supply

Entering into a fixed price business gas supply contract often turns out to be a rather risky move to the entering (buyer) business. The fixed prices fixed for the gas will tend to be somewhat tilted in favor of the supplier, under the assumption that market gas prices are likely to rise and to protect their interests in such an eventuality. The truth of the matter, however, is that business gas prices tend to go either way - and when they happen to be on a downward trend, it is usually the business that entered into the contract that suffers.

Business gas supply contracts get even riskier when the business happens to enter into such contracts with unreliable suppliers (beating one of the major objectives for entering into the contracts, with was to ensure reliability in the supply of gas). It can only get worse when the business happens to have gotten into a bad contract; for instance one whose terms are obviously injurious, or one which lacks proper exit clauses.


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