DBGI among the Best BBA colleges in Dehradun provides the program with the primary objective to build strong support in core business disciplines, helping students get the important competencies required by all business management.

Check: https://dbgidoon.ac.in/course/bachelor-of-business-administration-bba/

Location: https://g.page/DBITDEHRADUN


Dev Bhoomi Campus, Chakrata Road Navgaon, Manduwala, Dehradun- 248007, Uttarakhand, INDIA

Toll-Free: 1800 103 4049

Email-ID: info@dbgidoon.ac.in

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DBIHM, affiliated with National Council for Hotel Management & Catering Technology (NCHMCT), offers undergraduate and diploma courses, namely, B.Sc. in Hospitality & Hotel Administration, Diploma in Food Production, Diploma in Front Office Operations, Diploma in Bakery & Confectionery, and Diploma in Housekeeping Operations. Institute provides advanced course curriculum and high-class education as per the industry standards. It is also well equipped with training kitchens, housekeeping laboratory, front office laboratory, computer laboratory, Bakery & Confectionery, Restaurant and Bar, Front Office Lab, Laundry, digital classrooms, and a world-class library that ensures dissemination of practical training, knowledge, attitude, and skill in a professional hotel environment.

For Admission to Best Hotel Management College in Dehradun, Check Here: https://dbgidoon.ac.in/course/bachelor-of-hotel-management-bhm/

DBGI, the best MBA College in Dehradun is dedicated to giving particular training which is the ideal combination of forefront research, hypothetical information base, and industry-situated openness which helps understudies in getting comfortable with the constant corporate situation.

Category-Based Scholarship– Other than the legitimacy-based grant, the foundation likewise offers different other grant plans, which are partitioned into six classifications.

These classifications are as per the following –

Uttarakhand Domicile Scholarship– This Scholarship is for the understudies who hail from Uttarakhand. Accordingly, a 25% grant on the educational expenses will be granted to the understudies who have their lasting location in Uttarakhand.

Girls Scholarship-As a drive to energize and elevate the young lady kids to seek after instruction, the establishment will offer a grant of 10% on the educational expenses each year for the young lady kid to help the scholastic quests for commendable and capable young ladies.

Alumni Scholarship– Institute will deliver a graduated class Scholarship of 10% on the educational expenses to any understudy who has finished a degree program at DBGI and gets affirmation in a second-degree program for another scholastic year.

Martyrs Scholarship– In acknowledgment of the administrations delivered to the country by Martyr's, a 100% grant on the educational expenses will be granted to the wards of the fighters who lost their lives for the country.

Defense/Army Scholarship – As a little motion to honor our Indian military for their endless endeavors and forfeits while serving our country, the foundation is granting a 5% grant on the educational expenses to the wards of the guard or armed force personals.

Sports Scholarship– To perceive the accomplishments of growing sportspersons and their outstanding presentation at the public, state, and college levels, a grant of 10% on the educational expenses will be given to the gifted competitors.

Best MBA College in Uttarakhand check here: https://dbgidoon.ac.in/mba-college-in-uttarakhand/

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Get Admission at Best Engineering College in Dehradun

DBGI firmly believes that Education is the underlying right that must be provided to every citizen. It believes that the brilliant and innovative minds who have passion and dedication in their hearts and ideas and intentions in their mind shouldn’t have money as a barrier in their path towards success. Therefore, it provides the need-based aid, thus the scholarship to the meritorious students based on their academic achievements as a reward for their hard work and excellence. DBGI has initiated the Scholarship 2021 assistance to encourage and accelerate the students’ educational and personal development. It is a small step taken towards strengthening the roots of India’s future through nurturing its potent beholders.

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The BBA program at DBGI, one among the top BBA colleges in Dehradun aims to develop a solid understanding of Business and Management while building critical intellectual and vocational skills like the ability to communicate, analyze, decisions making, etc. that enable students to succeed in any business environment. The institute provides Marketing, Finance, and Human resources as functional management areas that are usually offered as specialization. The advanced course curriculum followed at the best BBA college in Uttarakhand offers a balanced learning approach. Thus, along with the necessary theoretical knowledge, the institute also provides students with practical exposure for the student's holistic development. Being the top placement BBA college, DBGI also prepares students with the ability to develop a unique leadership position for a prosperous managing career in an organization or company. The students also understand business processes, global business issues, and the role of economics in business and global markets. Check: https://dbgidoon.ac.in/course/bachelor-of-business-administration-bba/

A degree in MBA is known to be an advance since it needs a heavy amount of money and time commitment. The course is unquestionably tough, and the subject complexity executes it difficult to seize the desired high salary package or placement. Various factors must be analyzed well before choosing MBA College crosswise the country.

Examining well about the campus, the faculty connected, the alumni, board of directors and the existing set of students, etc. could be of magnificent value. The recruitment process and placements play a vital role in obtaining the envisioned results. Mark out the curriculum and faculty of the desired MBA College. An MBA college that has a larger alumni support often begins to a better career path due to a global network of its old students. A reputed MBA college is assumed to have good, well-equipped classrooms, a library, an auditorium, domestic accommodation for the students on campus. Check: https://dbgidoon.ac.in/course/mba/

MBA today is one of the trending courses among students. An MBA degree from the top MBA colleges provides students with superior knowledge of the field. According to the interest of students, they can choose to seek an MBA degree in any of the fields. Depending on the specialization, students can get impressive job opportunities in their favorite fields.

Pursuing an MBA degree from a Dehradun reputed colleges Like DBGI can provide the best career-making opportunities to students. In preeminent organizations, students can experience a sumptuous lifestyle. After finishing the course, students can work in leading positions.

The MBA program at DBGI offers the following courses:

MBA-Finance MBA-Human Resource (HR) MBA Marketing MBA International Business MBA Information Technology MBA Agri-Business.

The College also offers three specializations namely:

MBA Big Data Analytics MBA Logistics and Supply Chain Management MBA Innovation Entrepreneurship and Venture Development.

Check Link Here: https://dbgidoon.ac.in/course/mba/

The course curriculum at DBIT, one of the top electrical engineering colleges in Dehradun, involves both electronics and electrical subjects. The electrical ones deal with the problems related to large-scale electrical systems such as power transmission and motor controls while the electronics deal with small-scale electronics systems such as computers and integrated circuits etc. The advanced course curriculum of the institute trains the candidates to understand systems, procedures, and machines that are essential in power production. The students are taught topics or subjects like Application based Programming in Python, Digital System Design, Microprocessor and Microcontroller with Interfacings and Network Analysis & Synthesis. Under this program, students also learn to develop new technologies to implement in improving the electronics & communication systems.

Check Here: https://dbgidoon.ac.in/dbit/

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DBGI, the best MBA college in Dehradun is devoted to providing distinctive education which is the perfect amalgamation of cutting-edge research, theoretical knowledge base, and industry-oriented exposure which assists students in getting familiar with the real-time corporate scenario. The program lets students master management skills through its rigorous curriculum and build a portfolio of experience through various internships and diverse real-world learning opportunities.

Check: https://dbgidoon.ac.in/course/mba/

DBGI offers various engineering streams (Computer Science, Electrical & Electronics, Electronics & Communication, Civil, and Mechanical) in Undergraduate Programs. Other than that, the institute offers postgraduate programs in Advanced Digital Communication, Computer Science, Structural and Thermal Engineering. Comprising of both undergraduate and postgraduate courses institute’s solemn objective is to achieve excellence in academics while nurturing the competent and potent professionals of tomorrow. DBIT, one of the prominent BTech college in Dehradun, provides an ideal environment for the students & make them adept at tackling the real-world challenges under the guidance of talented faculty & researchers. The learning pedagogy of the institute is entirely student-centric and is a unique amalgamation of both theoretical and practical knowledge.

All of these courses are Approved by AICTE, New Delhi

Affiliated to Uttarakhand Technical University(UTU), Dehradun.

Visit the Website Here: https://dbgidoon.ac.in/dbit/

Consistently rated amongst the Best Engineering College in Dehradun, DBGI is committed to giving the best knowledge to their students through our intensive training. DBGI holds in imparting high-end technological & corporate training as well to promote an innovative idea to increase professional growth. When it comes to placement, our mission is to achieve 100% placement through hard work and dedication.

For Location Check Here: https://g.page/Dbgidehradun

Check: https://dbgidoon.ac.in/

MBA today is one of the trending courses among students. An MBA degree from the top MBA college in Uttarakhand provides students with superior knowledge of the field. According to the interest of students, they can choose to seek an MBA degree in any of the fields. Depending on the specialization, students can get impressive job opportunities in their favorite fields.

For Location Check Here: https://g.page/Dbgidehradun

Check: https://dbgidoon.ac.in/course/mba/

DBGI is the best mechanical engineering college in Dehradun, is aimed at producing mechanical engineering professionals with practical exposure that meets the latest requirements of the engineering industry. The knowledge gained through the degree includes topics of the fields like Kinematics, Thermodynamics, Mechanics, Materials Science, and Dynamics of Machines. The department also focuses on sprouting a strong research interest in both the faculty members as well as students in varied areas of Mechanical Engineering as a result of which the students come across subjects focusing on machines, their working, development, and productions. These subjects involve the Theory of Machines, Dynamics of Machines, etc.

Check: https://dbgidoon.ac.in/

Approved by AICTE, New Delhi.

Affiliated to Uttarakhand Technical University (UTU), Dehradun.

The course at DBGI is designed not only to fulfill student’s aspirations but to propagate knowledge through innovative teaching pedagogy so that they can meet the challenges of the competitive business world for a sustainable tomorrow. Through all the above-mentioned endeavors DBGI has been able to manage its name in the list of Best MBA colleges in Dehradun. With a continuous record of above 93% placement, DBGI has also been ranked among the top MBA colleges in Uttarakhand.

Visit: https://dbgidoon.ac.in/course/mba/

DBIT is counted among the Best BTech college in Dehradun known for accouching highly prestigious engineering degrees to highly selected students. The institute offers a quality of engineering majors ranging from civil, mechanical, and electrical to computer and agriculture to electronic engineering. The institute places special importance on academic research by creating an environment conducive to high-quality research and development (R&D) by both students and faculty members to become the best BTech college in Uttrakhand.

Visit: https://dbgidoon.ac.in/dbit/

Hotel Management is a course that enhances one’s knowledge and self-confidence in the hospitality industry. Along with traveling to new places, the candidate gets to meet new people and also gets to discover his own unexplored limits. Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions the best hotel management college in Dehradun is focused to build up essential excellence. Our degree is based on the philosophy that a commitment to excellence and the finest education and training is essential for those seeking the most sought-after management positions in the highly competitive hospitality industry.

Visit: https://dbgidoon.ac.in/course/bachelor-of-hotel-management-bhm/

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DBGI is one of the leading MBA college in Dehradun and India which has grown from strength to strength and has established itself as a premier institute of business studies in a short period. It has consistently been ranked the Top MBA College in Uttarakhand. The programs at the best college for MBA in Dehradun ensure a tangible simulation of the real business environment and project-based learning. The unique education and rigor in the curriculum have brought shrubs to the department. With the prime objective of creating world-class professionals in the field of business, these programs have very well responded to the needs of the corporate world. This gets verified as Alumni of the Department are well placed in reputed national and international organizations all across the globe.

Check Here: https://dbgidoon.ac.in/course/mba/

DBGI has always been dedicated to perfection in teaching, research, and innovation, making it the training ground for leaders and future professionals from different streams. Because of its approach to serve and equip the students for their holistic development, giving them strong support for a successful future, DBGI has been keeping its position amongst the top engineering colleges in Uttarakhand.

Visit: https://dbgidoon.ac.in/

Engineering plays a vital role in the development of the country; engineers are everywhere around us. Every year, more than 1.5 million students graduate as engineers in India, making it an engineering hub of the world. With the prevailing market scenario, engineers are always in demand, and day by day, a considerable number of students are willing to become successful engineers primarily due to the money and respect involved in the profession. Therefore, over the years, there has been a rapid increase in the number of colleges offering engineering courses. However, to become a thriving engineer, one must develop the skillset and gain proper knowledge before pursuing it as a profession, and this demands the right engineering college. There are many top engineering colleges in Uttarakhand offering engineering programs. Before going to any engineering colleges, look out for the following things in mind: they will help you choose the best and the right college for yourself.

Visit: https://dbgidoon.ac.in/

BCA course at DBGI Doon has been designed to prepare the student not only academically strong but also reflects the needs of the computer industry. Its main aim is to provide a rigorous and stimulating educational root for students who wish to acquire theoretical and practical training in computer hardware and software development. BCA course is now recognized as a passport to the world of computing. The requirement for many computer companies currently, is indicative of the range of opportunities open to those who gain this qualification. The course is aimed at preparing students for a wide range of software and hardware opportunities, both in national and multinational companies. In the BCA course, you will learn about some interesting subjects like Mathematics, Programming, Networking, Database Management Systems, and Software Engineering which enhance your technical skills in order to achieve jobs in a proficient manner. If you are interested in computers, coding, programming, IT infrastructures, etc., and look forward to building your career in the field of computers then BCA from DBGI Doon, is definitely an option for you.

DBGI is the best BCA College in Dehradun Uttarakhand. Also Visit: https://dbgidoon.ac.in/course/bca-bachelor-of-computer-application/

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