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    enjoy a romantic dinner with their partners. The craze for testosterone supplements to restore sexual desire (and the dangers of abusing them) These ads are selling to the public a "new disease" known as "Low T" or "Low T" for testosterone. Since 2001, testosterone prescriptions in the United States have tripled, to such an extent that the highest health authority, the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) issued several notices in which it warns that replacement hormone therapies are only recommended in patients with a level low testosterone due to illness or injury, not agingTestosterone, how to increase your levels naturally If your sexual desire has decreased, or you want to improve your muscle mass and avoid getting a tummy, increasing testosterone levels is an option that more men turn to every day. We explain how to achieve it. Laura Saiz Written by: LAURA SAIZ Journalist specialized in sports, beauty and wellness What is testosterone and what are its functions Man with high testosterone levelsTestosterone is key in muscle toning, because it provides a stimulus for exercise. https://vital-alpha-testo.info/